.SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE Domains Under a Buck Until End of Year

.SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE Domains Under a Buck Until End of Year

August 1, 2016 Domain Bargains, New gTLDs 0

I just received an email from AlpNames regarding a domain promotion. First year registrations for .SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE domains are currently heavily discounted to $0.99 per domain. This promotion will be running right up until December 31st.

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Other registrars seem to be discounting the same TLDs right now but the prices are somehow slightly higher compared to AlpNames. On Godaddy for example .WEBSITE and .SITE are $2.99 each and .SPACE is priced at $1.99 each. At Uniregistry .WEBSITE is priced at $3.88, .SITE $1.88 and .SPACE $3.50. The only registrar that seems to do better than AlpNames is NameCheap. .WEBSITE, .SITE and .SPACE are priced at $0.88 each at NameCheap.

Most of the non-premium priced .SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE domains consisting of good keywords are of course long gone so the question will again be the same: “Is it worth it to spend hours of your time simply to find a few semi-decent discounted domains that will probably never sell?

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