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Namejet not paying for domains sold

January 24, 2019 What I Think 3

I have been a Namejet seller for a long time now and my experience with them was good until Laurie, Director of Business services, retired....

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.BLOG gets Negative Press ahead of Launch

November 20, 2016 New gTLDs 3

The .BLOG domain, a new domain extension being run by WordPress, is getting negative press ahead of it’s launch. The issue stems from an article...

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For its Birthday NameCheap Offers Unlimited 15% off Domain Renewals

October 25, 2016 Domain Bargains 2

I’m a big fan of NameCheap. It’s not my favorite registrar but it’s definitely in my top 3. NameCheap launched on October 25th, 2000. As...

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Torrent Site up for Sale on Sedo for $230 USD

The battle against torrent sites continues. According to a report by Torrent Freak the domain kickass.cr has been put up for sale on the SEDO...

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VeriSign Statement Regarding .Web Auction Results

August 1, 2016 Domaining News, New gTLDs 0

RESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSN), a global leader in domains and internet security, today announced the following information regarding the .WEB TLD: The Company entered...

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.SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE Domains Under a Buck Until End of Year

August 1, 2016 Domain Bargains, New gTLDs 0

I just received an email from AlpNames regarding a domain promotion. First year registrations for .SITE, .WEBSITE and .SPACE domains are currently heavily discounted to...

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Nu Dot Co (VeriSign?) Won the Rights to Operate .Web for a Whopping $135M

July 29, 2016 Domaining News, New gTLDs 1

The results of the ICANN auction are in: $135M has been bid to be able to operate .web domains. The payment for this auction will...

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ICANN Releases the gTLD Marketplace Health Index for Community Feedback

July 19, 2016 Domaining News, New gTLDs 1

Earlier today ICANN published the gTLD Marketplace Health Index (BETA) for community feedback. The gTLD Marketplace Health Index displays trends and statistics related to generic...

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Company Registers 100K+ Domains to Distribute Rogue Ads and Steal Traffic

July 16, 2016 Domaining Stories 4

I just found an interesting post on Sucuri.net, a globally distributed security company, that revealed that the company China Capital Investment Limited (CCI) is using...

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Sky Wins WIPO against Pirate Site but Forgets to Take Site Down

July 13, 2016 Domaining News, Trademarks 0

Earlier this year Sky, the well-known British telecommunications company, filed a WIPO (World International Property Organization) domain dispute against a pirate website, Skysportslive.tv, that was streaming...

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Be The Master Of Your Domains With Your Own Landing Pages

In 2010, when I started out with domaining, I didn’t have my own landing pages. All the domains that I purchased back then I would...

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7 Great Reasons to Have an Email That Matches The Domain of Your Business

July 5, 2016 Tips and Tricks 0

Did you know that website visitors are 9 times more likely to do business with you when you are using an email address that matches...

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Marlboro Wins WIPO Domain Dispute

June 29, 2016 Domaining News, Trademarks 0

The world famous cigarette brand, Marlboro, managed to easily win a WIPO concerning 2 domain names, marlboro-carton.com and marlboroscarton.com, that tried to profit from the “Marlboro”...

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5 Domain Scams You Need To Look Out For

June 23, 2016 Domain Scams 2

If you have been a domain investor for a while it’s likely you have come in contact with one or more scams at some point....

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Facebook Wins WIPO Domain Dispute

June 22, 2016 Domaining News, Trademarks 0

Social networking giant Facebook filed a domain dispute on April 19th at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) concerning the domain name Facebook360.com. Facebook360.com was registered...

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Google and GoDaddy Take TAG Pledge to Fight Ad-Supported Piracy

June 17, 2016 Miscellaneous 0

Two tech giants, Google and GoDaddy, joined up to TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) and have signed the “anti-piracy pledge”. TAG is focused on fighting ad-supported...

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