Namejet not paying for domains sold

Namejet not paying for domains sold

January 24, 2019 What I Think 3

I have been a Namejet seller for a long time now and my experience with them was good until Laurie, Director of Business services, retired. She was always my go-to person and delivered an awesome customer experience. The current “helpdesk” in my opinion sucks. This is my latest experience:

At the end of October 2018 I submitted a list of domains for sale (for the month of November 2018). The list got accepted and my domains went live on Namejet at the beginning of November 2018.

I sold a total of 6 domains from my submitted list but realized that one of those sold domains was no longer in my possession at the time of the sale (sold for $69) so I contacted Namejet immediately at the time of the sale, apologized and asked them to kindly refund the buyer for that specific purchase as I no longer owned the domain.

Two days later Namejet replied the following:


We can cancel this auction and refund the customer, however please be sure that you are verifying all your domains when you submit them to be scheduled as these situations creates a terrible customer experience that as far as they are concerned, reflects solely on NameJet.



So logically I figured all was settled. Around 1 month later (on the 20th of December), 4 days after Namejet should have paid me (for the 5 domains that were sold and transferred to the buyers), I sent an email to the accounting department asking them why I still did not receive payment. This is what they replied:

The name (redacted).com has not been transferred over and that puts an automatic hold on your payout. What is the status of getting that name transferred?

Basically they put my payment on hold because that one domain (the one they should have refunded but likely forgot) was still not transferred to them. Obviously I can’t transfer it to them since I no longer own it so I replied to their email:

I contacted Namejet a month ago regarding that name. I told them it was a mistake on my part, since it was no longer in my possession, apologized and asked Namejet to refund the buyer. They replied me that they would do a refund .

Best regards,


Eric from the accounting department then answered me and said:


I have forwarded your email to Business Services and Jonathan to get this issue resolved. I suggest you reach back out to them as well because there is nothing I can do to resolve this.

Best regards

So of course I decided to make sure I would contact them as well and I wrote the following to NJ business services and Jonathan in CC:

Hello Nick,

A month ago I reached out to you regarding the domain name (redacted).com  which was (around that time) sold by me through Namejet. I requested in that email to refund the buyer since the domain name was no longer in my possession. You replied to that email and said that you would cancel the auction and refund the buyer but it seems that my payout for the month of November (5 domains sold and all transferred to enom a while ago) is on hold because of this one domain which I couldn’t transfer.
Can you unlock payment please?

Happy holidays,


After getting no reply for a week I figured I would try to send another email to NJ business services and Jonathan and write, once more, an email asking for assistance.

But again.. I received no more answers on their part…. So fast forward to the 18th of January 2019 (3 weeks after my previous email and getting zero responses) I sent my last email to them, which up to this day, still hasn’t been responded to…

I tried to call NJ support a few times as well but always got the automated message that phone support is not available right now (regardless of the fact that I’m calling during their so-called business hours).

To summarize everything: i sold 6 domains, one of those domains has been refunded to the buyer (or should have been refunded) since it was no longer in my possession at the time of the sale (not a high profile domain by any means; it was a $69 sale), but the other 5 were sold + transferred + given to the buyers. I lost those 5 domains and received no payment for them whatsoever. Namejet has been ignoring my emails for many weeks now. The way I see it they have 2 choices: pay me for my 5 domains sold or give me my 5 domains back. What do you think?

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  1. Leo Golan

    January 24, 2019

    I had only one case when I discovered one of my domains is not in my possession any longer. But that domain was only listed on live auction, not bought fortunately. So I immediately emailed them, apologized and asked to remove the listing.

    Sorry for your situation, hope you get it solved soon!

    • Bram C.

      January 24, 2019


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