The World Map Of All Top Level Domains And .TK Comes Out On Top

The World Map Of All Top Level Domains And .TK Comes Out On Top

March 9, 2016 Domain FAQS 0

Today I stumbled upon this great map of the world scaled to the most popular top-level domains. While .com is by far the most popular top-level domain with around 123 million registrations it isn’t attached to an individual nation. The nation of the highest amount of domain registrations is the tiny Pacific island of Tokelau. It has more than 31 million .tk domains registered. Considering that the island is only 4 square miles wide and has around 1,400 residents this is quite an accomplishment. Tokelau’s .tk registrations clearly overshadows the rest of the world. Of course the main reason for this is that .tk domains are free to register.

Did you know that .tk registrations that aren’t used for a certain amount of time automatically get replaced with ad pages? FreeDom makes money through these advertisements on lapsed .tk registrations and a small cut goes to the people of Tokelau. In 2012 this cut amounted to 1/6th of its tiny $1.2m annual GDP.

A full-sized version of his map and a lot of other cool data can be found by clicking on the map below.

domain name map of the world

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