, Regged by Woman in Tampa, got $43.5K Offer, Regged by Woman in Tampa, got $43.5K Offer

June 10, 2016 Domaining Stories 0

Donald TrumpIn 2013 Julie Magill, a real estate agent from Tampa Bay, Florida, registered in the hopes of selling it one day to Donald Trump. Magill owns around 20 domains and she tends to buy domains based on current trends such as drone racing.

So far Magill has received many offers for the domain and they keep getting higher and higher. It all started with a $600 USD offer and the highest offer to date is $43,500 USD for the domain. Magill, however, believes that none of these offers came from Trump or any representatives of the Trump camp. Magill admits that those offers were hard to turn down but insists that she will try to continue to sell this domain to the man it was intented for. She also tried to contact the Trump camp herself but they didn’t bother to respond.

According to Magill she also receives a lot of negative emails on the domain name.

I was getting hate responses such as “You’ll be sorry if he becomes our president.’ ‘Are you crazy?’ ‘He’s never gonna make it.’ ‘He’s a racist,’ Just all types of stuff like that. But I just delete – Magill

When asked what she would do if Trump doesn’t get elected president she replied:

That’s a chance I have to take, and I hope I don’t kick myself,” she said. “But I have a good feeling that he’ll pull it off. I think he’s probably the best qualified candidate right now. I don’t like the other side at all – Magill

When asked if she has any similar domains to this one Magill replied that she has looked at names of potential senators and presidential candidates but she already noticed is not available.

As first seen on Fox 13 News on June 10th, 2016.

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