7 Great Reasons to Have an Email That Matches The Domain of Your Business

7 Great Reasons to Have an Email That Matches The Domain of Your Business

July 5, 2016 Tips and Tricks 0

domain based emailDid you know that website visitors are 9 times more likely to do business with you when you are using an email address that matches the domain name of your business? To make sales you need to establish trust. A professional business-branded email addy helps you build that trust more easily. Your company will instantly look more credible and trustworthy.

A domain investor, above all other people, should always use a professional domain-based email address. How can you tell potential domain buyers with a straight face that they need a professional domain for their business when you yourself are communicating with them through a free gmail email address? It always amazes me when I see domainers using a free email address for their business.

Here’s 7 great reasons why it’s important to use an email that matches the domain of your business:

1. A professional email creates a corporate image

Communicating with potential customers when using a branded email address gives the idea that your business is well established. On the other hand, using a free email address usually conveys that your business is new and not yet successful.

2. A professional email promotes your business

Every time you send out an email with a business-branded email address you promote your own business, not gmail, yahoomail or hotmail.com. It’s a great cost-effective way to promote your business.

3. A professional email creates a sense of security and trust

With a branded email address potential customers will get an instant sense of trust and authority. In fact 75% of US ecommerce customers think that having a domain-based email that matches your website is the key to trusting an online business (source: Godaddy survey).

4. A professional email is for life

If you received a free email address from your internet provider and you suddenly change to another provider your email address will be lost. If you have an email address from a free email provider such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft and you end up not using it for a while it may end up being deactivated and your emails deleted. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry for any of these scenarios when you have your own domain-based email address. As long as you renew your domain once per year you will keep your email address forever.

5. A professional email protects against theft

With your own business-branded email address you are more secure against hackers. Yahoo, Google and Microsoft and their free email services are often the target of hackers. Passwords are often hacked, email accounts are regularly stolen and/or abused. With your own domain-based email account you are (more) safe. Of course you should still create a complex password to minimize all risks and use two-factor authentication where possible.

6. It allows you to separate your email addresses by department

If you have a business with multiple departments (for example billing, support, marketing) then having your own domain-based emails for each department can be extremely helpful. But even if you are a one person company (OPC) you could still create domain-based emails for different departments as a way to help sort your incoming emails. Plus, when a visitor sees you have email addresses for several departments (even if it’s basically just one department) it will create the illusion that your business is larger than it actually is and as a result you will look more professional.

7. Its benefits outweigh its price

It’s clear that having your own business-branded email address comes with many benefits. And best of all, having your own professional email addy is really affordable and easy to setup. You can set up your domain-based email either through your domain registrar (this is usually free) or through your web hosting company (usually included in the price of hosting).

So you have all the reasons in the world to get an email address that matches your business website!

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